Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Show someone the ropes

When a sailor is learning his or her job, one responsibility that person must learn is how to adjust the sails on the ship. The sails are large pieces of cloth that use wind to move the ship along, and the sails are made taller or shorter, and moved from side to side with ropes. If a sailor doesn't understand how the ropes work, bad things can happen. A ship can crash, or worse, become lost in the ocean.

If someone is going to show you the ropes, it means that they are going to show you how to do something. It’s common that a person new on a job will need to learn new tasks and skills, or even where to find things in the office. That’s all part of learning the ropes of a new position. You have to be aware of what’s expected of you and know how to handle your new responsibilities.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Start living a healthy lifestyle


How to start living a healthier lifestyle

JENNIFER: I’m Jennifer Morris for howdini. We’d all like to live a , right. Whether that means getting more exercise, or , or losing weight. But how do you get started, what do you do? We’re back here with Trisha Calvo, executive editor of Shape Magazine with some more helpful hints. Hi.
JENNIFER: How are you?
JENNIFER: So you have a half plate rule, can you tell me about what that is?
TRISHA: Yes. I think for health or weight loss one of the most important things you can do is with fruits and vegetables at every meal. What that does is help keep your calories under control. And it also ensures that you are getting plenty of fiber, photochemicals, vitamins, and minerals in your diet. Which help control all your risk factors for diseases like heart disease, cancer, and it can even keep your skin looking wrinkle free and smooth and glowing.
JENNIFER: So what about the medical piece, a lot of people don’t go to the doctor enough, or they make appointments . What do you think about that?
TRISHA: I think that, pick a day, whether it’s your birthday, and I think that’s a great day to sort of . You're a year older, and I think what you can do is sit down and you can say, ok, this week I’m going to make all of my doctors appointments. I’m going to schedule a for my skin cancer check-up. I’m going to get a mammogram if I’m a woman. I’m going to schedule my gynecology appointment so I can get my Pap Smear and check-up. I’m going to schedule my physical, now you obviously don’t have to go to the doctor on that week. Take an hour one day, and you just sit down and make all the appointments over the next couple of months, you’ll have it in your calendar. And you will make sure you are that you need to catch a problem before it becomes a real problem.
JENNIFER: And lastly what about , we live such busy lives, it’s hard to find down time?
TRISHA: We are so busy and stress increasingly researchers show that stress has become a factor in a lot of diseases. Everything from catching a cold, to developing cancer, to developing heart disease, and even depression. So it’s very important during the day. It can be anything that you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be, oh I need to get a massage, I need to officially relax. It could just be I love my dog. I’m going to play with my dog for ten minutes; I’m going to make that my coming home ritual. Or, I love historical fiction; I’m just going to carve out fifteen minutes a day to read something that I really enjoy. I personally, I am not happy if I am not reading a novel that I’m really engrossed in. And I just make sure that I have one in my bag at all times. And whenever I have a couple of minutes I pull it open and it makes me happy. And it . And I think that everyone has something special like that that they-
JENNIFER: I mean its nice to think of it because I think we get overwhelmed looking at when there are small things that you can do throughout the day. So what about exercise is-
TRISHA: Walking is one of the best exercises and you can do it anywhere, and it’s easy to do. You don’t have to be to be able to do it. Ten minutes, just take ten minutes.
JENNIFER: How many calories in ten minutes?
TRISHA: A hundred forty-five pound woman walking briskly .
JENNIFER: Amazing.
TRISHA: Though you got to to burn that many but brisk walking is great for your heart. Even slow walking is good for you, its good for your health, its good for your weight control. You know, obviously the more you can walk; you can instead of the elevator. Walk to appointments, get off, park your car a little further away from the entrance to your office, the mall. Walk, even those little things during the day .
JENNIFER: Thanks, more great advice from Trisha Calvo, executive editor of Shape Magazine. I’m Jennifer Morris for howdini.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bite the bullet

Watch the video with the phrase 'bite the bullet' and think of your own examples. You might as well run a Google search with it to see how it's used.

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